New Hire Training of remote contact center agents

Train, certify and move new agents to floor quicker.

Are your trainers racing against time to push required number of new agents to floor each month? Is there a drop in training quality? Is unpredictable throughput from New Hire Training putting your customer satisfaction at risk?

Here is how your contact center training team can manage all remote New Hire Training and drive the required number of new agents to floor.

Get agents quicker to floor

Reduce Instructor Led Training time by easily blending self-learning with live-sessions.

Train on software workflows using simulations.

Take fast learners to floor quicker, easily manage training velocity at individual level.

Standardize process and content

Standardize training content, assessments and activities for each day.

Ensure adherence to training process.

Provide ratings, performance scores and certify agents based on configurable criteria.

Standardize process and content

Ensure predictable training throughput

Monitor headcount, attrition and throughput across all stages of training.

Insights to understand week points of training process.

Quickly slice and dice data across trainers, organization, campaign, location and more to optimize training process.

Ensure predictable training throughput

Built for secure training of remote agents

Mobile app and web access, 2-factor-authentication, data security, download & print prevention.

Overcome choppy internet issues by reducing time required for live sessions.

Built for secure training of remote agents

Deliver 4x more training