LMS for your distributed workforce - features that enable you to do more

Build immersive content quickly, distribute with ease, and get insights that maximize training outcome - all that you need to run huge training volume efficiently.

Quickly build immersive learning content

You need to skill your distributed workforce on your products, internal tools, and processes. You don't have the time to get the content created by an external vendor or rely on the few experts who know to use specialized content authoring tools. Self-learning content is your biggest bottleneck.

Nittio Learn has got you covered here. Specialized instruction design skills are not required to create immersive learning content in Nittio Learn. Functional, operational, and technical trainers use Nittio Learn content editor to build interactive mobile content that speaks to their learners.

Rapid content editor

Build visual and interactive content once and use it on mobile, tablets, and desktops. Our rich library of responsive templates makes it easy to build content without worrying about different screen sizes.

Automated voice-overs

Add automated voice-over by selecting from a rich set of voices in different languages and accents, or record your own voice.

Bring life to your slides, videos, and more

Import existing slides, videos, and documents. Bring it to life with visual popups, hotspots, and interactions. Add automated voice-overs to make them self-learnable in minutes.

Visual assessments and question banks

Ask questions in a variety of ways - multiple-choice, matching, ordering, and more with visuals and voice-overs. Put them in a question bank and let our system pick a random subset for each learner.

Quick survey engine

Conduct a survey or collect feedback using one of the many pre-existing templates or by customizing with your own questions. Ask the learners to rate, choose from pre-defined options, or answer open-ended questions in your survey.

Flexible course builder

Stitch together multiple learning content into a course. Define rules based on completion and scores in a quiz to allow learners to progress to the next level. Define pre-quiz and post-quiz to measure the efficacy of learning.

One-click translation

Translate your learning content in over 100 languages automatically. Allow learners to choose the language of learning.

Simulation practice

Want to train on different workflows of your desktop or mobile app? No problem. Build simulations quickly from product screens. Run simulations in guide, practice, or quiz mode.

Learning content management

Classify your learning content based on hierarchical tags. Easily search and filter based on tags.

SCORM and content integration

Bring in external content through SCORM or integrate to external content through connectors.

Distribute with ease

You have three mega product launches this month and you need to train your field sales force on selling, the technicians on installing, and your contact center agents on handling the customer queries. On top, you need to roll out training for the new CRM software and the changing process for handling product returns. All this, while still conducting the new hire training and ... Sounds familiar?

Nittio Learn is built to handle a large variety and volume of training. With Nittio Learn, you will be able to navigate this complex training landscape with ease and get a month's work done in a week.

Large scale distribution

Distribute to thousands of learners in one go. Filter learners based on their region, location, function, designation, grade, and role to fine-tune the distribution.

Distribute to mobile and desktop

Learners can access the courses assigned to them using their mobile app or from their desktop. They can seamlessly continue their learning across devices.

Zero-touch distribution

Create rules based on location, function, role, and designation of the learners to automatically distribute courses.

Timely nudges

Setup due date when creating a learning cohort and let the system remind the learners to complete the courses assigned to them.

Certificates with expiry

Certify learners on completion. Define validity for certificates. Re-certify when the certificate expires.

Test before deploy

Before deploying to a large set of learners, test it in a smaller group. Don't let the test data bother your actual learning reports.

Hot content update

You realized a mistake in the learning content you just now distributed to thousands of users. No problem. Publish an update and the system shows the latest content to all learners.

Distribution checklist

Enforce common processes to be followed while distributing content.

Insights that maximize training outcome

Do I have sufficient people trained and certified for the product launch next week? In which city will I face the biggest challenge when the new product is rolled out? Which employees are best suited to train for the new process? Which partner locations are lagging behind in the CSAT boost certification?

Nittio Learn reports are built to answer these questions and more. We bring you insights that will help you identify business risks and train on what matters most.

Skill headcount dashboard

View the certified headcount across different skills on a single page. Ensure you are adequately staffed with the right skills across regions. Recertify based on certificate expiry.

Cross skilling

Filter based on skills and regions to plan your cross-skilling certifications. Create a fungible workforce to optimize your operations.

Adoption report

Drilldown course completion report across regions, states, and cities to quickly focus on the area that needs most improvements.

Organizational leaderboard

Publish dashboard of training completion and certification rates to your organizational leaders. Get the business leaders involved in achieving higher adoption.

Training pipeline report

Monitor the progress of your new hire training stage-wise - training, on-the-job training, certification, and recertification. See overall and stage level throughputs. Understand the risks to your overall headcount plan.

Learning efficacy report

Use standardized course structure with pre and post quizzes. Compare the pre and post scores to measure the efficacy of the training.

Language consumption report

See how many people are consuming your courses in which languages. Refine your multi-lingual program based on actual usage insights.

Batch and course reports

View individual course level and batch level reports. Further Drilldown on individual quizzes, questions, and each individual learner.

Scope based reporting

Give access to learning reports based on the user role. The central training team gets to view the reports of the complete organization while the regional trainers and department managers view the reports of their organization.

Custom reports

Compare the completion and certification rates across roles, designations, or any other custom user attribute. Focus your effort where it matters most.

Run blended learning efficiently

With Nittio Learn, both virtual and classroom training can be made more effective by using eLearning for pre and post-session activities. This way you get the most done with the least time spent by the trainer.

Efficient instructor-led session

Stitch a blended course with self-learning videos and modules, pre-session quizzes, virtual or classroom sessions, post-session quizzes, handouts, and feedback collection. Issue certificates based on in-class as well as eLearning activities.

Standardized content

Share standard content and training aids for all your trainers. Enable your field managers to train their staff while ensuring the quality of training across the board.

Complete induction workflow

Conduct induction training with a blend of eLearning and instructor-led sessions. Manage attendance, instructor ratings, and scores from on-the-job-training in one place. Issue completion certification based on eLearning quizzes as well as performance in actual work.

Your own videoconferencing

MS teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Webex - whatever is your tool, we integrate well with them and automatically capture the attendance of the learners for you.


A secure platform built on top of modern web standards and cloud environments. Nittio Learn is highly customizable - you can easily integrate into your environment and customize it to fit your workflow.

Data Security

Your data is secured at rest and in motion. Secure connection whether accessed from mobile or desktop. Geo-redundant data store. Restrict downloading and printing your content.


Enable two-factor authentication. Enforce a strong password policy and password change rules. Choose from multiple password recovery mechanisms.

Access control

Nittio Learn provides access to different functionalities based on the role of the user. You could optionally enable IP based access control.

Audit trail

View successful and unsuccessful access logs. Filter based on time, user, type of action, and more.

Single sign-on

Login with your company credentials using SAML, LDAP, Active Directory, or OAuth2.

Extensible user profile

Add custom attributes to the user profiles. Search and filter data based on custom attributes. Get insight based on reports enriched with the custom attributes.

API and automation

Use our extensive Rest API to integrate user management with your HRMS system, learning reports with your BI tools, and certification status with your job scheduling tools.

Customizable and white-labeled

Customize logo, background, content templates, theme, login screen, and dashboards. Customize the role-based access control with your own custom roles.

What are our customers saying?

We manage the learning of over 7000 distributed employees across 84 stores with Nittio Learn. We could quickly create diverse content and also use off-the-shelf content to meet all our training needs.

Mayank Jhaveri
Mayank Jhaveri
L&D Manager, Shoppers Stop
design image

Nittio Learn has enabled us to train our store staff 3 to 5 times a week with an amazing completion rate of 96%. We never thought such an adoption rate for regular microlearning was possible.

Jovitha D'souza
Jovitha D'souza
L&D Head, Health and Glow
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Nittio Learn has helped our training team ensure that our representatives stay up to date with the latest product information and also quickly refresh their understanding on an ongoing basis.

Rajat Oberoi
Rajat Oberoi
Head Sales Training, Allergan
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We had to move our new hire program completely online due to the COVID-19 situation. It was incredible that with Nittio Learn we were able to build and launch a 10-day online program with 250+ modules across 5 locations in just 1 week.

Priya Rajagopal
Priya Rajagopal
Head - Training and Quality, Myntra
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Deliver 4x more training