Nittio Learn enables India's largest eCommerce platform to train its 7,000 service technicians, across 19,000 pin codes on 7 new products in 15 days to meet the annual sale demand.

Service Technician
product launch
15 days
7000 Service technicians serving over 19000 PIN codes
7 new product launches
15 days to train
By using Nittio Learn, the customer's training team now creates and delivers training at 4X speed, ensuring all technicians are well-trained.
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Our business demands quick turn around times from the training team. But with the number of different training that needs to be done for thousands of our staff, it was always a challenge. Thanks to our partnership with Nittio Learn, we have been able to drive training at a much faster pace and scale.   Director Customer Experience

Being India's largest ecommerce platform, the customer has hundreds of warehouses across the country and it relies on training its technical workforce to deliver top-notch product demos and installations of large electrical appliances ranging from refrigerators, washing machines, to furniture.


Bringing the latest and exclusive products to a demanding consumer base

The annual sale is incredibly popular and drives billions in sales within a matter of five days.

The platform also launches tens of new products from partner brands during the sale.

These products include the latest home appliances and furniture products.

The technicians deliver, install, demo and service these products. Lack of training on new products results in product returns (loss of revenue) and poor customer satisfaction (impacts brand reputation).


Training a scattered technical, feet-on-street workforce in quick time

To deliver a successful annual sale, the customer needs to get its 7000+ technicians across 19,000 pin codes trained on the latest products in ~15 days. Since these products are launched during the sale, the training team receives product details with only a few days to spare.

This puts tremendous pressure on the five member training team to:

  • Create 100s of intuitive, mobile-friendly digital courses

  • Provide courses in multiple languages.

  • Target the right set of technicians with the right courses.

  • Track the engagement and completion rates, and

  • Assess the readiness of technicians to install, demo and service new products.

All this has to be accomplished in a matter of two weeks.

In the past, the customer had used video sessions for training it's technicians. Arranging these training sessions was a logistical nightmare and ensuring their effectiveness was impossible. A learning app they had tried did not provide them the capability to build effective courses either.

Stat highlights

  • 7000+ distributed workforce need to be trained on

  • 7 new product launches.

  • 15 days to train.

distributed workforce need to be trained on
new product launches
days to train
distributed workforce need to be trained on
new product launches
days to train


Training distributed technical workforce online at scale with Nittio Learn LMS

The training team used Nittio Learn's editor to create interactive, mobile-compatible learning modules and assessments, with voice-overs for new product launches. Content that would have otherwise taken months to build was ready within a week.

Nittio Learn's automatic translation feature allowed trainers to deploy the same courses in multiple languages.

Most technicians had to be trained on multiple products based on their skill-sets. This meant that there were a large number of learner cohorts. Trainers (yes, the same five people) were able to manage this effectively with Nittio Learn's delivery mechanisms.

Nittio Learn reports and insights helped trainers pinpoint the part of the organization that needed more push for completion. Trainers could easily identify learning areas that needed more emphasis. This enabled them to create and push supplementary learning material with relative ease.


5 member training team achieves all training projections

  • Within a week of rolling out, more than 80% of service technicians were certified for installing and demoing new products.

  • The average satisfaction level of technicians with the training done for the sale was 4.5/5.

  • A small training team of 5 were able to build mobile-compatible interactive learning content with no instruction design know-how.

  • Managing a vast variety of learning cohorts became easy.

  • Nittio Learn's insights helped them focus and fine tune training approaches within a short period of time.

Deliver 4x more training