India's largest wired broadband service provider

Nittio Learn helps the broadband service provider increase sales and technical online learning by 3.7x post COVID-19.

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Nittio Learn is so powerful and yet so simple to use, when we needed to scale online learning multiple fold due to the pandemic, it was completely seamless.   - L&D Head

This client is India's largest wired broadband service provider, offering internet for home and business with high speed connection. When challenged by COVID-19 related constraints, the company used Nittio Learn to push sales and tech training programs through mobile learning.


Fastest and most consistent broadband

The company has been an undisputed leader in broadband service across South India. It has now spread out to West and North India too. For years, their service has been recognized as the fastest and most reliable broadband service. The company has grown with the philosophy of making each individual successful.


Growing in the time of COVID-19

COVID-19 pandemic put the company in a unique position - a) huge demand for new services and upgrades, and b) working through logistical hurdles imposed by the new environment. This meant that the field workforce (the sales account managers and technical staff) had to adapt their ways of selling, onboarding new customers, installation and issue resolution. The field workforce had to be equipped with new processes, while also being continuously trained on the sales and technical aspects that make the company the service provider of choice.

All this had to be done 100% remote. The task of doing this for over 7,000 employees, spread over 20 regions was not an easy one.

The company had been using Nittio Learn for 3 years. They had successfully transitioned their New Hire Training and all mandatory programs to online mobile learning. With the difficulties imposed by COVID-19, they had to move the rest of their programs online overnight.

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Moving most important training programs online quickly with Nittio Learn

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When COVID forced us to push all our programs online, what helped was that the trainers took very little time to create the required mobile learning courses. It really helps when any member of your team is able to use your LMS with such ease and multiply their output.    
- L&D Head

The L&D Head and his team of trainers were familiar with Nittio Learn. They started the process of moving their offline programs to Nittio Learn and creating mobile learning and blended courses. Even for trainers who had never created eLearning content, it did not take time to build interactive modules and define the learner experience they wanted.

The training team doubled their number of online courses within a month of COVID-19 hit. Once they started pushing new online courses, the custom reports and MIS integration helped them achieve high completion rates and identify further training needs.


Training more without breaking a sweat

Within one month, the training team was delivering much more sales, technical and developmental programs online than they had before.

In the Apr-Jun 2020 quarter, they delivered 3.7 times more sales and technical training online than they had in the previous quarter. In the same period, they had also delivered 3.1 times more developmental training and 2 times more non-mandatory training.

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Nittio Learn has really helped us scale our online learning effectively. Our best trainers are able to reach more people than they could before.   - Head of HR
Deliver 4x more training