Case Study:
Health & Glow, Retail Stores

Enabling faster on-boarding, product training for store associates using Nittio Learn.

Case Study:<br>Health & Glow, Retail Stores
Learning sessions per month
Learning sessions per month
Stores enabled
Stores enabled
Faster onboarding
Faster onboarding
About Health & Glow
Health & Glow is the largest speciality beauty retail chains in India, with a network of over 150 stores across Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Cochin and other major Indian cities. They are a leading name in cosmetics and personal care products in India.
The Challenge

With over 150 stores across different cities, a rapidly growing brand with over 1000 distributed employees, training was becoming a huge challenge.

The mode of training associates and store managers at Health & Glow was classroom training sessions. As the number of stores grew, conducting training via classroom sessions was getting exorbitantly costly and logistically challenging. It also impeded the pace for new product launches.

We needed a tool where we could quickly create content and distribute to our teams across stores. We needed an intuitive learning system our store associates could use.

Satyasish Banerjee
HR Head Health & Glow
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The solution

Health & Glow went in search for a learning platform which would help them deliver effective digital training program at scale. This is when they decided to go with Nittio Learn.

With Nittio Learn, they were able to:

  • Quickly author highly interactive, micro-learning modules with automatic voice-overs within no time
  • Rapidly launch their training programs around selling skills, SOPs, product knowledge across stores
  • Enable mobile learning for store associates and managers
  • Get real-time analytics on training progress, identify learning gaps and progress across store

  • More than 90% completion rate for programs launched through Nittio Learn
  • Increased conversion rate and average bill value due to the confidence boost for store associates through frequent, relevant learning
  • Significant increase in the SOP audit scores across stores
  • Faster first sale and better productivity for new employees due to personalized onboarding training
  • Significantly higher product understanding in store associates for new product launches

We train our customer associates on product as well as customer experience digitally. If you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you that it was not possible to teach selling skills digitally. I'm pleasantly surprised to see that we now do training around selling, meeting, greeting, assisting and advising customers digitally using Nittio Learn.

Satyasish Banerjee
Head of Human Resources at Health & Glow
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We are launching multiple products and private labels every month. I cannot imagine how we could train our staff without Nittio Learn.

Jovitha D'souza
L&D Head, Health & Glow
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New product launches have never been simpler for the training team. It hardly take us a day to create and distribute an interactive, engaging training module.

Navodita Vaishnava
Training Manager at Health & Glow
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I used to struggle to pull out the associates for training. With Nittio, it is much easier to allocate time for training. With most training modules between 5-10 minutes, it is easy to slot them in during the day, even for multiple times in a week. I see a lot more confidence in my associates now when they interact with the customers.

Manager for Health & Glow store in Mumbai
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Learning has become easy and interesting. I have really improved my knowledge of skin care and the products by spending just 10 minutes twice every week. I use the tips that I learn for talking to the customers.

Store Associate, Health & Glow
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