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Ecommerce Customer Service Case Study - Nittio Learn
"Training with Nittio Learn reduced our new hire agent training time by 35% and improved our resolution rates too."

Company India's largest eCommerce company

Industry Ecommerce

The Customer

India's largest eCommerce platform that has expanded its categories and geographical footprint at a breakneck speed.

The Challenges

The contact center agent count is 5,000+ and it spikes up to 20,000 during the annual sale. The company employs support agents through its 15 partner centers across India. The training team needed a system to manage training at scale effectively.

The Solution

Nittio Learn LMS helped the customer's training team move substantial part of agent training from instructor-led to online, standardize training, and provided easy, unified training management and tracking across partners.

The Benefits

Nittio Learn helped the training team reduce new hire agent training time by 35% and improved resolution rates. When COVID-19 hit, it also enabled the customer to easily shift the training processes to train agents working from home.

"Nittio Learn has become the one stop solution for all our training requirements. It is our technology backbone and it has enabled my team to do much more than before."

Head of Training

Nittio Learn's cloud-based LMS helped the customer to bring its training programs online, simplify its training process, and reduce overall training cycles. With Nittio Learn, the company could conduct more incisive training programs enabling agents to provide improved service levels, resulting in higher CSAT.

Delivering and managing training of 15 partners

When the company's central training team first got their hands on Nittio Learn, they were looking to solve everyday challenges of delivering and managing training at scale. The Business as Usual training mix consists of:

  • New Hire Training (NHT)

  • New Product and Process Launch Training

  • Monthly knowledge tests

  • Cross-skill training

  • Bottom quartile training

The training team has to continuously plan and deliver these training programs to 5000+ agents across 15+ partners and in-house locations. Out of these, New Hire Training presented the biggest challenge.

Contact centers see high agent churn, and the training team has to run NHT batches all round the year, at all partner locations to fill the attrition gap. This presented a big training delivery and visibility challenge.

The training team had to ensure that partner trainers delivered effective training and followed standard content and processes. They also needed a real time view of the progress of each training batch.

Training programs other than NHTs presented an additional challenge. These programs demanded a quick turnaround time, which meant preparing training content, delivering and evaluation of results had to be accomplished quickly.

Before Nittio Learn, the training team completely relied on instructor-led classroom programs to train agents. This meant high trainer dependence, difficulty in ensuring the quality of training or adherence to the training processes.

Online training with Nittio Learn reduced new hire training time and resolution rates

The training team started using Nittio Learn's in-built content creation tool to move its training programs online. The team also made a large number of system workflow simulations in Nittio Learn for agents to practice. The system was made securely accessible to all the partner trainers and agents for training execution. This resulted in three immediate benefits:

  • The NHT training duration was reduced by 35% as instructor-led classroom programs were transformed into blended programs.

  • The practice of system workflow simulations ensured that the initial 0-30 day performance of new hire agents was better.

  • Non-NHT programs could be executed quickly due to the ease of content creation and delivery with Nittio Learn

"Training new hires through Nittio Learn has also helped us weed out under-performers faster. This helps us meet the key KPIs of the training team - the 0-30 day performance." - Senior Training Manager

Streamlining partner training management with Nittio Learn

It is the training team's responsibility to train and deploy an adequate number of support agents to match the business demand. The team has to monitor the quality of training and estimate the certification throughput to predict if they would meet the required agent headcount. For this, the training team had to closely monitor batch performances at all partners and in-house locations.

Before Nittio Learn, monitoring real time batch performance was challenging as partners shared training progress and agent performance data in spreadsheets. Manual data entry caused delays and was prone to errors.

The training team found it laborious to merge data from all partner centers and derive insights on time. This handicapped them in making quick decisions to ensure all partner centers hit training targets.

As the training team created standardized training content and programs on Nittio Learn, they quickly onboarded partner trainers and agents on the system. The standard program provided a set structure for the partner trainers to follow.

"Since Nittio Learn ensures that the training SOPs are followed, the audits' compliance score has improved. We use Nittio Learn reports to make any decisions around headcount." - Senior Training Manager

Easily scales 4-folds for the annual sale

While Nittio Learn transformed the company's training capability, the next challenge was to scale it to meet the brand's biggest annual sales demand.

The annual sale generates a significant spike in calls, and the training team has to conduct NHTs and increase the agent count to 4 times the regular requirement to match high call volumes. They used NHT programs defined on Nittio Learn to seamlessly train temporary agents.

"Since we were working on Nittio Learn, we could start the ramp-up activities only three months before the sale rather than the 5 month period we would have needed otherwise", says (role).

The training team moved all new process training, process refreshers, new product launch training, and knowledge tests online to Nittio Learn. This reduced the turn-around time to conduct such training programs up to 50%.

COVID-19 could not come into the way

The ultimate test for the training team arrived in the form of the nationwide lockdown caused by Covid-19. The pandemic induced lockdown meant that:

  • all support agents had to work from home

  • NHTs, product and process update training programs had to be conducted online

Nittio Learn's enterprise-level security allowed the training team to extec access to work from home agents.And Nittio Learn's mobile-responsive LMS allowed agents to use their mobile phones to undergo both online learning and virtual instructor-led sessions without any friction.

The customer was able to seamlessly move all training programs online via Nittio Learn's cloud LMS with minimum impact on operations

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