Nittio Learn Casestudies

Casestudy Improve nps
Improve NPS

A leading e-commerce company was witnessing a steady decline in their net promoter score (NPS) over the past 180 days.

Health & Glow Retail
Health & Glow Retail

Nittio Learn enables faster on-boarding, product training for Health & Glow's store associates.

Ecommerce Customer Service Case Study - Nittio Learn
Ecommerce Customer Service

Nittio Learn helps this customer bring training programs online, simplify training process, and reduce overall training cycles.

Broadband Technicians
Broadband Technicians

Nittio Learn helps India's largest broadband service provider increase sales and technical online learning by 3.7x post COVID-19.

Retail Service Technicians
Service Technicians

Nittio Learn enables India's largest ecommerce platform to train its 7,000 service technicians, serving over 19,000 PIN codes in 15 days.

Deriving a 333% ROI from your learning platform

Within 12 months of implementing Nittio's augmented learning platform, the company realized a 333% return on their investment by streamlining and improving the effectiveness of their learning programs.

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