6 Tactics to Motivate your Employees to get the Best Out of Online Training

motivating employees via-online training

You have spent days and weeks working on the new online learning modules.

You know that the modules are critical for ensuring employees develop the new skill that your company will be relying on from next month.

Even as you might be pulling all-nighters to meet tight deadlines, there is a nagging voice in your head that says...

Will this get the desired outcome?

Don't worry, you are not alone. The doubt is normal.

While outcomes can never be guaranteed, you want your employees to be excited to learn and get the maximum value from training.

How can you insert 'motivation' in a training course?

Before we get into that, let's look at the actual definition of 'motivation'.

Nittio Learn - At contact centers, training demand is always dynamic

What you want - is your employees to act, react, and behave in a particular manner to extract the best value from your online training programs.

Now the question is...

How can you make your training programs exciting and engaging to motivate your employees to learn and acquire knowledge?

Let us look at six tactics you should implement to make your training programs sticky and exciting, enabling your employees to experience and enjoy the learning process.

Implement these tactics and see your online training engagement, completion, and knowledge retention increase.

Let's begin.

Tactic 1 - Include compelling media.

Visual media has a stimulating effect on the learning process.

When your employees participate in online training - images, videos, and other media keep them engaged and hooked.

Nittio Learn - Compelling media

Video, in particular, is excellent for conveying emotion and context.

Video, animated GIFs and other multimedia are also useful for demonstrating a process in action, like demonstrating a product or upselling a customer.

Tactic 2 - Make your training interactive.

Allow your employees to take micro-actions while learning.

Here's an example.

Add clickable buttons and interactive activities that allow your employees to learn through experiences.

Nittio Learn - Training interactive

This will naturally involve the learner more and they would understand and retain information better.

Sorting interactions and scenarios relevant to the specific skill you want them to acquire can help them practice decision-making in an ideal and controlled setting.

Tactic 3 - Challenge your employees.

Include activities in your online training that tests your employees' understanding of the content.

Nittio Learn - Challenge your employees

Make these activities challenging enough that employees have to pay attention to your course content.

At the same time, do not make them so difficult that the learner gets frustrated.

  • include sorting activities that let them prioritize and organize information
  • include scenarios that allow them to apply their knowledge to real-world situations
  • include knowledge checks and quizzes within each training module that measure how well they can apply what they've learned.

Tactic 4 - Give your employees control.

Allow your employees to take control of their own online learning experience.

You could let them choose courses based on their interest or skill level.

When employees choose to learn something independently, they are internally motivated to complete the course and acquire the skill sets.

Here's something you could do to give control to your employees.

Instead of labeling your course sections as Section 1, Section 2, Section 3, and Conclusion, you could name them as Introduction, Build the Skills, Bonus Tips, and Next Steps.

Labeling your course sections this way will help your employees to pick the areas they feel immediately relevant.

Nittio Learn - employees control

For example, with Nittio Learn LMS, you can set up a learning path full of helpful content that gives your employees a sense of control over their progress.

A learning path provides them a guided experience, drawing them into your content in small doses that they can easily absorb.

After all, what could be more motivating than being given achievable milestones and learning that can be applied on the job immediately?

Tactic 5 - Making it relevant to their job or task.

There are two ways of creating every online training program.

Create one mass program and let each employee choose training modules relevant to them.

Or create more personalized courses based on learners' needs.

With Nittio Learn, you could easily develop personalized courses in no time.

Tactic 6 - Provide feedback throughout the training

The purpose of training is to help your employees develop a new skill or understanding and improve performance.

You can do this in two ways.

One, encourage employees who provide correct answers to quizzes with complimentary messages like "Good job!" or "You handled that tricky situation like a pro!"

Two, when employees answer a question, explain why their answer was correct or incorrect, so they get a deeper understanding of the material.

Is it possible to accomplish all of this via a single eLearning system?

Nittio Learn - feedback throughout the training

Motivating your employees to complete online training programs needs you to up your content creation game.

While these six tactics will motivate your employees, implementing them should be an effortless task.

There's no point in switching between various apps or tools to make your online training programs more engaging and motivating.

With Nittio Learn LMS, you could implement all of these tactics and more without leaving your browser tab.

Nittio Learn empowers you to be creative, engaging, and do 4x more training.

To learn more about Nittio Learn LMS, visit our homepage.

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