Create engaging workflow simulations for your learners

Create engaging workflow simulations for your learners.

If you are a learning manager who thinks your learning content is too theoretical, you are not alone. In fact, you are probably among the more self-aware learning managers who are regularly stepping into the learner's shoe and trying to find ways to continuously improve the way your organization learns.

Having supported several motivated learning managers, we realized that enhancing the way organizations teach their associates about key processes and tools can help make both the associates and the organizations more productive. To enhance the way organizations trained their new hires on business-critical processes and tools, we created the ability for learning managers to create workflow simulations within their course modules. The simulations worked wonders for training existing employees on frequent process changes.

Workflow simulation allows learning managers to bring key processes and tools to life for their learners during their learning program. It allows users to visualize how processes and tools work. It also gives them the ability to click and experience the processes and tools to assimilate their learnings better. Additionally, it is super fast and less expensive for learning managers to train using workflow simulations instead of training the associates directly on the live processes and tools.

With Nittio's augmented learning platform, your learning team can create workflow simulations in minutes.

Create a workflow simulation module

When your users create a new module on Nittio Learn, they have the ability to import screenshots of various steps in a process or tools and order them in the sequence in which they appear in the live environment. This helps them recreate the flow for their learners and provide additional guidance using voiceovers instead of merely creating visual representations in the form of flow charts on a slide deck.

Place strategic hotspots on each screen

Once you add all your screenshots and order them in the desired order, your learning team will have the ability to add hotspots on each screen in the workflow. When you add a hotspot on any screen, it activates that part of the screen for your learners to click and progress. It also provides visual cues to your learners when they click on the wrong portions of each screen and guides them towards the right options on the screen. By adding hotspots, your learning team can easily recreate a workflow across screens by activating only those portions of the screen that is relevant to the workflow.

This practice of the actual workflow breeds the confidence to execute efficiently in the live system.


Add workflow simulations to learning plans

Once you create a workflow simulation module, you can add these modules to your learning plans. Learning plans allow you to string together several different learning plans and organize them to address the right learning dimension. While adding the workflow simulation modules to your learning plans, you will also have the option of placing the workflow simulations at the right points within a learning pathway. You will also be able to leverage features like deactivating select modules within your learner's learning pathway till they complete workflow simulations.

Distribute your workflow simulations to your learners

Once you create your workflow simulation modules, you can choose to distribute them either as a part of your learning plans or as standalone modules. You will have the ability to leverage our rule-based distribution feature to auto-assign learning modules with workflow simulations or standalone workflow simulations to your learners based on their roles, geography, business unit, or any other attribute of your learners that you capture within Nittio's learning platform.

Do you want to incorporate workflow simulations into your learning programs? Speak to one of our experts to understand how you could create engaging workflow simulations for your learners.

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